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Transaction monitoring

Unobtrusively monitor and report on Web-services traffic on a network with the XML SOAP Monitor, available on Windows, Linux, Solaris and other Unix operating systems. The solution detects and displays source and destination of all XML and SOAP traffic, enabling staff to view information in real time or to log it to a file. When installed on a PC, the product can be configured to view all traffic on a particular network card or device. When connected to a mirrored port in a router, the software can view all network traffic flowing through the router.

Secure sessions

The client application combines the secure logon and data transfer capabilities of Secure Shell (SSH) with the reliability, usability and configurability of a Windows terminal emulator. The solution provides an encrypted SSH session with both SSH1 and SSH2 servers–rerouting data or local applications using TCP/IP ports through an encrypted channel. For SSH, Telnet and other protocols, has session-management and customization features, with named sessions and multiple session windows. Emulations include VT100, VT102, VT220, ANSI, SCO ANSI, Wyse 50/60 and Linux console.

Web-access management

Designed to allow companies to easily secure and manage trusted user identities and access privileges across heterogeneous e-business environments, An intuitive Web-based interface that reduces training and overall staffing requirements. The solution supports the SAML 1.0 specification–an XML framework for exchanging attribute, authentication and authorization information–allowing single sign-on to applications within organizations, as well as across companies. The release features intercomponent security using BSAFE software for SSL session encryption and Keon software for component authentication. The software also provides native support for both database and directory-user repositories, as well as improved API functionality for custom integration.

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