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Our entire line of CardAccess systems utilize the latest in a variety of leading cardreading technologies to allow you flexibility in designing a system to meet your needs. Technologies include Biometrics, Weigand, Proximity, Magnetic Stripe and Bar Code. Continental also features SmartImage, a complete video imaging and badging system which offers dozens of features to make accessing the image database easy and the productions of cards simple

By offering a powerful combination of superior cardreading technologies and advanced building management control, CardAccess systems are ideal for any total Access Control and Industrial security solution.

ZAccess® 195 ZAccess® 295 ZAccess® 495 ZAccess® 2000NT

Powerfully simple accesscontrol and alarm monitoring in one cost-effective system. Controls up to 8 readers, 1 controller and 1,100-22,000 cardholders depending on the controller selected and memory configuration. True distributed processing.

Cost-effective Access Control and alarm monitoring. Controls up to 64 readers, 8 controllers and 1,100 to 22,000 cardholders, depending on the controller selected and memory configuration. True distributed processing.

Advanced multi-tasking, multi-user system offering complete Access Control and building control functionality. Controls 1,024 readers, 8 controllers and 50,000 active cardholders. System features “Auto Learn”, “Muster List” and “Dial Up” functions, 128 time schedules, 1,000 access levels. True distributed processing.

Provides “Sphere of Control” for those applications which require segregated access to the system database (database partitioning). Controls up to 8,000 readers, 1,000 controllers and unlimited cardholders. Features include “Auto Learn”, “Dial Up”, multiple and automatic languages, CCTV control and floor plans. Truly a system for now and the new millennium.

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