Date : 6/5/2020

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Virus Protection For MS Exchange 2000 server

Proven effective management of the security policies at e-mail server level  Potentially dangerous content blocking at server level, preventing users from getting infected  Perfect integration with MS Exchange 2000 through VS-API 2.0 technologies  Automated intelligent updates, without any human intervention High quality services provided by a team of specialists 

Superior solution, designed for MS Exchange servers, which implements antivirus security policy in any size organizations. Integrating the latest technology recommended by Microsoft, Virus Scanning Application Programming Interface (VS API) 2.0,Enables blocking of any virus, Trojan or other potentially malicious code at e-mail server level. 
The intuitive and easy to use interface, centralized management of e-mail servers and easy to understand detailed reports make 
the tool a vital product  for your organization.


An e-mail routing utility that collects messages from an unlimited number of POP3 accounts and routes them to your Exchange Server. Features include automatic mail checking with adjustable time interval and definable exclusion of weekdays, use of dial up (RAS) connections and mail checking of all inbound mails with standard virus checker.

Flash Messaging Overview

The Flash Messaging System is an easy to use Network Based Communication Program that runs on all kinds of Windows computers. All PCs on the network are able to send "Popup" messages to each other with the click of the mouse. It is simple, efficient, and has many advanced features. 
This system is designed for small companies who have the need for a very fast internal messaging system. This system is not really meant to replace email systems, but rather run as a real-time supplement. 

Inventory Control System

Inventory Control" is the name we have given to our Enterprise edition stock control software, and it manages stock levels and processes inventory receipts, shipments, returns and adjustments. It provides extensive screen inquiry and reporting functions to give you the detailed, current information about quantities, prices, item movements and sales history that is crucial for effective inventory management-regardless of the size of your business.


1. Comprehensive stock control and tracking .
2. Multi-location inventory management.
3. Vendor and purchase price specification for inventory items.
4. Flexible pricing and costing features (including a LIFO/FIFO Inquiry window).
5. Maintains last unit cost of an inventory item.
6. Full multi-currency support. 

Multi Level Marketing Solution

A mandate to custom-build an application that can be accessed through Internet in the spirit of participatory as against centralized information submission.


1. Auto-draw eGenealogy-Tree
2. Track activity at enodes and eends.
3. Maintain member-account information
4. Compute ecommissions and epayouts.
5. Manage transaction history.
6. Generate MIS reports.


This Library dynamically translates HTML pages to WML (WAP protocol) pages. WML, which is intended for hand held devices, is different from HTML and introduces a number of conversion issues. The library provides a simple C++ API to read a HTML file and generate an equivalent WML file. If the HTML file is longer than the acceptable WML length, the converter splits the WML file into multiple files and links them together with hyper links.

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